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Arkansas Republican House Caucus

Arkansas Republican House Caucus -

Bragg Elected Majority Leader


From left-right, newly elected House Majority Leader Ken Bragg, Majority Whip Jim Dotson,
and House Republican Caucus Secretary Charlotte Douglas.

Growing ‘good-paying jobs’ the focus of House Majority

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Republican House Caucus today elected Rep. Ken Bragg (R-Sheridan) as Majority Leader of the Arkansas House of Representatives. Bragg will lead House Republicans through the remainder of the 89th Arkansas General Assembly, the 2014 election and the 90th Arkansas General Assembly.

“It is an honor to take over the reins of the House Majority from my friend Bruce Westerman. The people of Arkansas have given Republicans the opportunity to set the public policy of our state, and it is a trust that I wholeheartedly embrace. House Republicans will focus on how to help employers grow good-paying jobs for Arkansas workers, including making sure our workforce has the education to compete in the global marketplace.

“The voters of our state have set us on a path of common sense conservative values, and the House Republican majority will fight to make sure Arkansas keeps moving forward along that path.”

Also elected to the leadership were Majority Whip Jim Dotson of Bentonville and Caucus Secretary Charlotte Douglas of Alma.

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Arbitrary Closures Hurting Arkansans


Apparently, Arkansans ‘can’t be trusted to fish, float, hunt or walk a trail’ without Feds looking over shoulder

LITTLE ROCK – Members of the Arkansas Republican House Caucus today issued the following statements critical of decisions made by the Obama administration to close-off access to recreational locations enjoyed by Arkansans and punishing small businesses:

House Majority Leader Bruce Westerman (R-Hot Springs) said: “The arbitrary and capricious decisions by the Obama administration to close boat ramps, rivers, hunting areas and parks are decisions that hurt Arkansans to advance an agenda. It also strikes me as the President telling Arkansans that we can’t be trusted to fish, float, hunt or walk a trail without the Federal government looking over our shoulders.”

Rep. Micah Neal (R-Springdale) said: “Small businesses at these locations are being intentionally hurt by the Obama administration. Parks close in winter, but the ramps stay open. These closures are stunts that insult the public and send a message that Arkansans will be punished for this shutdown.”

Rep. John Payton (R-Wilburn) said: “I’m not sure if the federal government can tell the fish to stop biting or deer to hole up on federal land. My constituents have told me the White House is being very petty making decisions to deny access to Arkansans the opportunity to enjoy what makes us the Natural State.”

Rep. Josh Miller (R-Heber Springs) said: “Greers Ferry Lake is in my district and these closures affect the small business owners on the lake who are trying to do a little more business before they close up for the winter months. The water isn’t going anywhere, why deny people access?”

Rep. Kelley Linck (R-Flippin) said: “Closing the Buffalo River to floats, hunters and hikers means no tourism, no money from tourism, no businesses to take money, no business. This is affecting real families and real communities. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

Rep. Bill Gossage (R-Ozark) said: “Campers and fishermen are being denied access to the recreation areas on the Arkansas River, hurting businesses in our community. Even worse, families are being prevented from even using a playground. The decision of the Obama administration to close a playground is going too far.”

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